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Delivering Smiles Tippecanoe

It all started with one amazing lady......

In 2010, a 20+ year dispatcher with the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office was diagnosed with breast cancer. Johnna Parker was dealing with the fight of her life and it began to cause a financial hardship. Those who know Johnna know that she is simply a ray of sunshine. Always positive, always wearing a smile and always willing to give the shirt off her back to anyone who needed it, Johnna is someone you can't help but love and want to help. 

Hearing of her plight, a group of fellow public safety ladies decided that something needed to be done to help her out, and they did just that! In a matter of 2 months, this group of ladies rallied the entire county's public safety family to create a calendar and a 300 recipe cookbook to raise money for Johnna. In the end, they raised over $10,000 and were able to relieve a huge burden from Johnna's shoulders. 

But Johnna isn't the only one who needs help. Through the process of these first fundraising efforts, we realized that there will always be someone who needs help for various reasons. It was decided that we needed to continue, raise more money and be ready to help anyone in the public safety arena that may need it. And so, Delivering Smiles was born.

Many ask about our name and that goes back to Johnna as well! As a part time delivery driver for a local flower shop, Johnna would say she was going out to "Deliver Smiles"....And we liked the sound of that! 

So far we have been able to "Deliver Smiles" to several public safety employees here in Tippecanoe County. We've provided assistance to people battling cancer, trying to rebuild after a house fire, coping with travel expenses to visit sick children at hospitals outside of our county and rebuilding after a tornado has taken their home.

We hope to be able to continue to support these every day heroes for a long time to come and with your support, we certainly can!